Our Products & Supply Install Services

Indoor & Outdoor FLOORING 

  • 2mm Self Adhesive vinyl flooring
  • 3mm Dryback vinyl tile flooring
  • 5mm SPC click system flooring
  • 8mm Homogenous long flooring
  • 70mm Height skirting
  • 75mm Height skirting
  • 95mm Height Skirting
  • 3mm End trim 
  • 5mm End trim 
  • L profile accessories 
  • Water base vinyl adhesive 
  • Vinyl floor coating protection
  • Decking wood composite
  • Japan tatami flooring


Indoor & Outdoor CEILING 

  • Wooden strip ceiling 
  • Wooden column ceiling
  • Wooden Beam ceiling

HANYO biowood is offering a full array of lightweight materials to minimize costs, improve quality, and seeks to lead by an example in creating a succesful and growing business environment, benefit to the community. Our products are easy to install and maintain, which does not require sanding, sealing. It is a perfect material that can be used for both interior and exterior of the residential and commercial projects.


Indoor & Outdoor WALL PANEL

With its natural timber look, an alternative application for residential or commercial that bring adding value. Its easy installation, painting or varnishing is not required. Protect your home or building againt the elements of nature with style.

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Electrical installation & House Wiring 

To fulfill the requirement need, we do provide the services of electrical wiring works during the installation of flooring, ceiling, wall panel. The electrical services that included, 

  1. New Plug/Point installation.
  2. Lamp lighting installation
  3. Ceiling fan installation
  4. Troubleshooting error wiring 
  5. Renovation wiring.
  6. CCTV wiring & installation